eXile is a (new) project I am working on, the first ideas started somewhere in 2000, but before some compositions were worked out it was in 2002 I start to record them. And this year I decided to put a few 'beta'-versions on my website.

All music is Trance or Goa/Psy-Trance, so if you like that type of music, you probably will like some songs and you're welcome to download them. Keep in mind that these versions are not completely finished and mastered yet, so the sound balance is far from perfect. Nevertheless I would like to hear your comments, which you always can send me by e-mail (contact me via my personal page, via my web form or via an e-mail address already known to you).

Most of the songs don't have names yet, so I just called them Trance #1, #2, etc. or other types of 'work titles'. Of course they will get titles in the future.

1. Trance #1
    original version made in 2000, but it has got some facelifts since then.
    Equipment used: Roland JP-8000, U-20 & Boss DR.202
2. Trance #3
    since Trance #2 was not worth yet to record, I recorded this one, a way to
    happy song which I made in 2001 (I think?)
    Equipment used: Roland JP-8000, U-20 & Boss DR.202
3. Trance 2002
    This one I for sure recorded in 2002 !
    Equipment used: Roland JP-8000, U-20 & Boss DR.202 (yes,again!)
4. Trance #4
    I have no idea anymore if I recorded this one in 2002 or 2003,
    well... so what ? It's a bit the same stuff as before... way too happy.
    Equipment used: Roland JP-8000, U-20 & Boss DR.202 (and again)
5. GoaTrance #1
    The first GoaTrance track I have made.
    I started with this one around 2000 or 2001 too, but made some changes later.
    Equipment used: Roland JP-8000, U-20, Boss DR.202 and Rebirth-303 samples.
6. Ocean Trance
    No idea why I called this Ocean Trance, maybe because of it's tranquility.
    The first Trance song where I used my Korg Z1. So it must be recorded early 2002.
    Equipment used: Korg Z1, Roland JP-8000, U-20 & Boss DR.202.
X. Children of the last generation
    A cover, the original version is made by X-Dream.
    I made this one in 2003 or maybe even this year.
    Equipment used: Reason V2 (Software Synth/Sequencer).